Do Ask, Do Tell: Blowing off the closet doors

Kudos to Hawaii’s U.S. Senators Inouye and Akaka, for coming out in strong support of ending the untenable ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy targeting gay and lesbian military service members.

“I believe the time has come to allow gay men and women to serve openly in the military…In every war we have had men and women of different sexual orientation who have stood in harm’s way and given their lives for their country. I fought alongside gay men during World War II, many of them were killed in combat. Are we to suggest that because of their sexual orientation they are not heroes?” U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye

“This repeal [of don’t ask, don’t tell] will bring us another step towards equality in the United States.” U.S. Senator Daniel K. Akaka

Hawaii’s two U.S. Senators are now out. Our governor is out on this issue. Our two members of the U.S Congress are also out. And a strong majority of the Hawaii State Senate and House of Representatives came out in support during this past year - some enthusiastically and others dragged kicking and screaming. But they too have been outed, nonetheless.

As evidenced by the legislature’s near-super majority vote earlier this year on the civil unions bill, HB444, and the subsequent results of the recent general election, it is abundantly clear that a clear majority of people in Hawaii support the equal treatment of gays and lesbians. The religious right pulled out all the stops, put forth their most righteous candidates, attacked vehemently and directly from the pulpit, and yet lost decisively at the polls.

It should be easy to come out for equality, for tolerance and for the celebration and acknowledgement of diversity. But clearly for many it is not. While a majority of people may profess to support equality, the establishment of civil unions, and ending ‘don’t ask, don’t tell,’ many remain reluctant to advocate so publicly.

A minority of our population has until now, succeeded in making the majority feel like they are actually the fringe. While those who support equality clearly represent mainstream opinion, a vocal and aggressive minority has somehow kept many people cowed into believing their support of gay and lesbian rights was best kept in the shadows, spoken about only in hushed tones among like-minded friends and close associates.

The time for hushed tones and timid support is past. It is time for those willing to speak privately in support, to step out NOW publicly, proudly and enthusiastically in support of equality issues at all levels.

Contact family and friends NOW, both here and on the mainland, and speak out in support of ending “don’t ask, don’t tell” and of extending equal rights to gay couples everywhere.

Bring up the subject the next time you sit down with friends for a few beers and an evening of “Texas hold’em.”

Stand up, and speak out for what you believe in.

Talk to your children and to their teachers. Let them know that bullying and put downs are not acceptable, that being gay is ok and just a normal fact of life for many people.

Next time you attend church or Bible study, wear your “Equality Now!” sticker. Ask your fellow parishioners, “What would Jesus do?”

The tide of support will only grow as each of us encourages others through our own actions. The more of us that come out, the more of us who speak out against bigotry and intolerance, the more empowered others will be to come out too.

Ask anyone who has done so, and they will tell you that the first step is the most difficult. However, they will also tell you of a tremendous euphoric feeling of freedom and empowerment, once you have taken the fundamental step of being true to who you are and what you believe in.

Come out, step out and speak out for equality – NOW.

Gary Hooser - truth-teller without portfolio
Do Ask, Do Tell: Blowing off the closet doors - First published at The Hawaii Independent
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A New Day In Hawaii – Expectations, Possibilities And Reality

What can the public really expect from the Abercrombie administration during the upcoming 2011 legislative session?

To claim success, the new administration must achieve tangible “trumpet-able” results during the upcoming 60-day legislative session, while simultaneously laying a solid foundation for the future. It absolutely has to be both – the public will not be satisfied with non-specific, complex and esoteric accomplishments that simply lay the groundwork for the future.

No, the public and the media want to see and touch and feel the change, and they want that change now.

Governor-elect Abercrombie has only weeks to assemble a cabinet; there is a huge learning curve at many levels; there is the unavoidable and practical reality of being required to adopt the Lingle administration’s budget assumptions. Add to these factors the expectations of our 76 Senators and Representatives, all of whom have their own ideas, goals and aspirations which must be taken into account, and a complex picture emerges.

Taken as a whole, it’s a formidable challenge.

Given the extraordinary campaign momentum, the pent-up energy, high expectations, and the still untapped and chafing-at-the-bit talent of the Abercrombie team, you can be sure there will be a tremendous effort to light the world on fire during this important first year.

Job # 1 will be balancing the budget without raising taxes, without additional furloughs, and without further reduction in services. And while it is a given the process will involve significant drama and much gnashing of teeth, at the end of the day we also know that the budget will be balanced on these terms.

Though every issue seems to demand simultaneous and immediate attention, four stand out as being the most pressing – education, energy, agriculture/sustainability, and the economy. And of course, there is that little matter of civil unions.

I suspect that civil unions will be taken up early in the upcoming session so that it will not hang again like the Sword of Damocles, over the entire legislative session.

The focus for education will doubtless revolve around finances, including the ever-present issue of charter schools and funding equity.

The legislature will assuredly pass “enabling legislation” to support the voter-approved constitutional amendment calling for an appointed school board. The issue here will boil down to a question of power: Should the governor have full license to appoint whomever he wants, or should this power be attenuated by a separate “candidate evaluation and selection process” in addition to Senate approval through that body’s ‘advice and consent’ responsibilities?

The safest and surest course for the 2011 energy agenda would appear to be an acceleration of the existing Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative. Significant and very promising new “game changing” proposals floated by the incoming administration have yet to be vetted by the legislature, so it remains to be seen whether these new initiatives become bogged down in legislative committees and die of their own weight, or succeed and launch us even further down the path toward energy independence.

Most likely, strengthening the economy will initially involve accelerating CIP funding, awarding of contracts, and completion of numerous backlogged infrastructure projects. The challenge here will be speeding up an often-times cumbersome process while maintaining the integrity of open bidding. The upcoming APEC (“Asia-Pacific Economic Conference”) meeting in November 2011, as well as a renewed and sustained effort aimed at maximizing the effective use of dwindling federal funds – particularly in the areas of health care and human services – are two additional opportunities sure to get a lot of attention.

Perhaps the most important accomplishment the new administration can achieve is to give form, substance and meaning to sustainability, a concept that resonates deeply with so many of our citizens.

Achieving tangible, measurable progress toward food self-sufficiency is absolutely crucial, so much so that it has the potential to become the Abercrombie administration’s most important and lasting legacy, one that exceeds all others. Achieving meaningful progress toward both food and energy self-sufficiency would truly pave the way to a bright and hopeful new day in Hawaii.

As fresh initiatives and new personalities are introduced and begin to mix and mingle, it will be most interesting to see the dynamics evolve. Sadly, the Lingle administration will be long remembered for not just the Furlough Friday debacle – but also the constant bickering and discord that seemed to permeate every one of the past eight legislative sessions.

It will be a refreshing change to watch an experienced Democratic Governor working with an experienced Democratic House and Senate – with everyone knowing that the public is watching and expecting far more and far better.

Gary Hooser truth-teller without portfolio

Copyright by Gary Hooser 2010 – Permission to reprint in full is granted. First published in The Hawaii Independent November 19, 2010

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Democrat or Republican Does It Really Matter?

Why should anyone care who gets elected and who doesn’t on November 2?

Peter Townsend of The Who sings “We won’t be fooled again” and then closes with “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”.

Does it really matter whether it is Abercrombie or Aiona? Will life change if it’s Djou instead of Hanabusa?

The answer is yes, it does matter. You see, politics is a team sport.

Duke Aiona and Charles Djou are on the Republican Team; the team of Carl Rove, George Bush, Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin.

Neil Abercrombie and Colleen Hanabusa are on the Democratic Team; the team of Barack Obama, Daniel Inouye, Hillary Clinton and Dennis Kucinich.

Each team has values that are fundamentally different from the other. Because agendas, budgets and policy are all driven by the principle of “majority rules”, each team essentially “sticks together” and fights against the opposition to retain the “majority position”. This allows the team that holds the “majority position” to achieve results that support their core values. While imperfect I suppose, in theory this is how the system works.

While some in the public might believe there is not much difference between the two teams, a reasonably close look says otherwise.

Republicans believe “it’s every man for himself” while Democrats believe, “we are all in this together”. Republicans believe the “free market” is sacrosanct while Democrats feel compelled to protect against the abuse of the monopoly. Republicans believe that if you earned it you should keep it - all of it. Democrats believe that those that earn more should give more.

Depending on your perspective and degree of jaded cynicism – it often seems that both teams are driven more by money than by their core values. Both teams are essentially elected into office by money and then do their best while in office to “bring the money home” to their district and/or to their particular special interest (defense, education, environment, business etc). And yes, when it comes to “bringing home the money” sometimes it is difficult to tell the teams apart.

So if it is mostly “all about the money” what difference does it really make?

Because obviously - you want to make sure your team’s special interest gets the money.

If the Democrats win, the money is much more likely to go into health care, education and the environment. If the Democrats win, the tax structure is more likely to be “graduated” where those at the top of the food chain pay a higher percentage of their income than those in the middle and the bottom.

If the Republicans win, they will continue in their ongoing attempt to, as they like to put it “starve the beast”. In their zeal to limit the size of government, a classic Republican strategy is to steadily reduce program funding and then watch as vital public services and protections shrivel on the vine. Republicans in general favor reducing the percentage of income taxes paid by the very rich and large corporations, forcing the middle and lower income levels to carry a larger burden of the cost of core public services.

So yes, it matters which team gets elected. It matters on issues also of basic social policy. Democrats believe strongly in the separation of Church and State while celebrating diversity and honoring the civil rights of all. Republicans too often mock and disregard the value of diversity and are increasingly influenced by the theocratic path of the conservative Christian right. Republicans lean toward a “lock’em up and throw away the key” mentality, viewing the court system as an impediment to justice. Democrats understand the importance of an independent judiciary and the right of individuals to fair and equal treatment, whatever their social status, their religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

Because these ideals are worth fighting for, you want control over the money and you want control over policy. This is why it is so important for the Democrats’ team to win.

It’s really that simple.

Gary Hooser
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Relating To The Regulation Of The Poor and Unwashed:

Relating To The Regulation Of The Poor and Unwashed:

The actual title of this newly proposed city ordinance is “Relating To The Regulation of Sidewalks - But the intent is clearly: How do we pass a law that keeps poor homeless people from getting in our way?

What the Regulation of Sidewalks law is really saying to the poor and homeless is simply “Get out of my way or I will call a cop who will fine you $50 unless of course you can prove you are mentally ill in which case you are exempt”.

How Catch-22 bizarre is that? We fine some hapless poor homeless person $50 for blocking a sidewalk and then exempt them if they can prove mental illness.

While perhaps well intended, this proposal is as ludicrous, mean-spirited and Orwellian as the “ban the shopping carts in the parks” law that precedes it.

How far will we go to insure that we don’t have to even look at the homeless in our community who exist in a world most of us can not even imagine?

We have already proven our willingness to take away their shopping carts and everything they own in the entire world, to make sure they stay out of our parks. Now we want to make sure they stay out of our doorways and sidewalks. What’s next, another ordinance for alleyways, shopping centers, and parking lots?

Why don’t we just draft an ordinance that bans poor people from being within 20 feet of a non-poor person? We can call it the Get Out Of My Way or better yet the GOOMFW ordinance. That should do it. As we non-poor people move about the city, then the lowest of the low can just GOOMFW when we approach. Like the parting of the Red Sea, this new ordinance would insure that the genteel among us can stroll unimpeded through-out the city without having to step around some lump of unwashed humanity crouched under cardboard in a doorway or on the side walk.

We can do better than this. This is Hawaii, land of aloha. Remember?

Before we go any further down the path of banning the poor and the homeless from our parks and our sidewalks, we need to make sure they have someplace to go – someplace legal, safe and preferably dry.

We need "Housing First". We need safe zones where the homeless can safely congregate. We need increased mental health services, job training and more, much more affordable housing. And most of all, we need to remember that the homeless are part of our extended ohana and an incontrovertible reflection of who we are as a community.

Gary Hooser
Hawaii State Senator (2002 to 2010)

On Duke Aiona, The Far Right and the First Congressional District

Recent poll numbers published by the DailyKos show the Abercrombie/Aiona race in a virtual dead heat.

How is it possible that a guy like Duke Aiona can even be considered a credible Gubernatorial candidate?

He has absolutely no meaningful experience in government or the private sector.

As lieutenant governor he has totally squandered the past 8 years - accomplishing nothing of any significance whatsoever. Zilch. Kaimu. Nada. Zero. Walang anuman. ‘Ole.

His main claim to fame is being appointed to a judgeship which he then quit, claiming the pay was too low.

Plus, Duke Aiona is a right wing religious zealot. He believes that everyone who does not agree with his particular theology is going to hell. At the present count that would be over 5 billion of us.

Which is why of course that Duke and his friends would like to save us.

You see, Duke is the “righteous one”. Duke has been chosen by God to save Hawaii from burning in hell. Visit the churches hosting the Duke signs out front and they will tell you this. They will tell you that God has sent them a sign, and that Duke has been chosen by God to lead us all down the path to righteousness.

So how can it be possible that 48% of Hawaii residents are ready to elect him as Hawaii’s next Governor? Are people so shallow, so busy and so uninformed that they will vote for him just because he’s young, he’s Hawaiian and he’s pretty? Is it the religious dogma and tea party frenzy of the "new right" that drive his numbers? Has our democracy become so broken and so driven by money, marketing and media that substance matters not at all?

It is on days like this that I wonder. I wonder about the wisdom of our forefathers. I wonder if perhaps our system is broken and in need of radical perhaps revolutionary change. I wonder why more people are not as outraged as I but rather seem content to muck about their lives, accepting and believing that none of this matters anyway.

But then I come to my senses and with some relief realize that this poll does not include the neighbor islands nor rural Oahu, and is only of residents of the First Congressional District – This is the same district that gives us other right wing conservatives like State Senator Sam Slom, Representative Gene Ward…and the same district that has elected and re-elected Congressman Neil Abercrombie for the past 20 years. Go figure.

Gary Hooser
Former Hawaii State Senator
First published in The Hawaii Independent

Hooser on BLNR Appointment and Electing Neil Abercrombie

Hooser on BLNR Appointment and Electing Neil Abercrombie

In response to those promoting on blogs and in letters to the editor my potential appointment as the next Chair of the Board of Land and Natural Resources, I would say mahalo and I greatly appreciate your confidence in my ability. However, our entire focus and energy must first and foremost be on electing Neil Abercrombie to be Hawaii’s next Governor.

Neil Abercrombie must be elected Governor of the State of Hawaii on November 2 and all effort must be directed at this objective. Our State’s pristine streams, valleys and watersheds, our fragile historical/cultural resources, and our delicate coastal environments deserve leadership that understands the value of putting preservation of the resource first.

The past 8 years of the Lingle administration have resulted in our State being locked in a downward spiral of mediocrity. Neal Abercrombie has the vision and the experience that Hawaii needs now more than ever to help turn our State around. With his leadership and experience combined with that of Brian Schatz as Lieutenant Governor working together with a united Democratic legislature – truly great things are possible. With new leadership committed to working together, Hawaii can move forward as a model of excellence in many areas including setting the standard of good planning, environmental protection and the proper and balanced management of our natural resources.

Please join with me in helping to elect Neil Abercrombie as Hawaii’s next Governor. Whether Gary Hooser or anyone else serves in any particular position or not is inconsequential within the larger context. I am willing and open to serving wherever our Governor may need me, but for now he needs me and everyone else working very hard to make sure his election is successful.

Gary Hooser
Former Hawaii State Senator

Post Election: Analysis, Reflection, Mahalo

Dear Friends and Supporters:

So, why didn't we win? Most would say that it was "all about the money". The winner Brian Schatz raised and spent nearly twice the amount we did. The other two major contenders likewise raised and spent significantly more than we were able to. Our fundraising, while theoretically sufficient to be competitive, was too little and too late.

This is not to denigrate or take away from the successful campaign of Brian Schatz. After all, his ability to raise and manage the funds needed is itself a reflection of his talents and competence. Brian Schatz will make a fine Lieutenant Governor and I will be supporting him enthusiastically in that quest. The primary focus for each of us now should be the election of Neil Abercrombie and Brian Schatz as Hawaii's next Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

My biggest regret is disappointing so many people who have given so much in support of my candidacy. To each I offer my sincerest thanks. Your faith in me is humbling and I am truly honored. I will honor the trust you placed in me regardless of whatever new path that I must soon choose.

One door closes and another opens. I am not sure where my steps will lead in the weeks ahead but my plan is to remain involved in public policy and advocacy work on a statewide basis. I remain committed to serving the public good. That could be meaningful work with a nonprofit, a government agency or a private sector organization that is driven by a mission that addresses the many needs and challenges facing our State. I welcome your inquiries and ideas and will be happy to meet for exploratory discussions.

This week my focus is on closing down the campaign. And yes, we need to raise money to pay the final campaign expenses. Contributions may be made online or by mailing a check to Friends of Gary Hooser, P.O. Box 4094 Honolulu Hawaii 96812. Your help prior to October 1 is especially needed and appreciated.

In addition, if you see a Hooser yard sign or banner in your neighborhood, please grab it and either find a way to recycle... or I hear they are an excellent fuel source for the H-Power plant.

Again, from the bottom of my heart, I thank each and every one of you for any and all help and support you have given.

Gary L. Hooser
Former Hawaii State Senator, Majority Leader
Former Candidate for Lieutenant Governor
Now Seeking A New Path

Why I am choosing Hooser over Sakamoto (letter from Hooser supporter to a friend)

Aloha Gene.

It was nice to run into you yesterday. You’re right – this is a fascinating election year, though they’re all fascinating in their own ways, aren’t they?

Like I said I’d do, I’m laying out my Sakamoto vs. Hooser thoughts here, to share with you. (Funny you’d ask me for that. Mary asked me the same thing a couple of weeks ago, though for her it was Hooser vs. Schatz – if you want to take a look at that, follow this link:

Anyway, here are some of the reasons I’m choosing Gary Hooser over Norman Sakamoto in the primary race for Lieutenant Governor:

Both of them are really nice guys, you know. I’ve spent quite a bit of time around them, and I believe they’re both honest, upstanding people. Their philosophies are really different, though, and that’s important.

First, there’s the obvious issue of the ways they approach civil rights issues. If you followed the ‘civil unions’ bill at the legislature the last couple of years, you already know that Senator Sakamoto voted against that bill every step of the way, and Gary Hooser’s support for it never wavered. I'm sure Norman was relieved when the Governor vetoed the bill.

In addition, right wing religious fanatic Gary Okino has labeled Sakamoto as one of the “righteous ones” because he opposes GLBT equality and he opposes the right for women to make their own reproductive choices. Gary of course supports a woman’s right to choose and was a key leader in passing HB444 in the Senate.

Their respective endorsements tell quite a story too:

Even though Sakamoto has Chaired the Senate’s Education Committee for years, it was Hooser that got the Hawaii State Teachers’ Association endorsement. But that was a no-brainer for anyone that was paying attention. Just imagine how disappointed the teachers must have felt when the school furloughs began and Sakamoto – the Senate’s Education chair, mind you – just kept hanging back, waiting for somebody else to come up with a solution. Guess who's solution was adopted? Yep, Gary Hooser’s. And when offered the opportunity to sign on, Sakamoto declined, preferring to wait rather than challenge the powers that be. It’s no wonder HSTA put their support behind Hooser, the same way Gary put his support behind education and the children when it really mattered.

While Sakamoto is a nice man, works very hard and has done the best he can - after serving 10 years as Chair of the Senate Education Committee, I don’t believe our schools have gotten much better or have really changed much at all.

Sakamoto’s been endorsed by contractor’s unions and building associations. That’s perfectly reasonable, since his background is in contracting. They’re well-earned endorsements for him, and ones that he’s rightly honored to receive. I find it telling, on the other hand, that Sakamoto’s one of the rare Democrats ever to have been endorsed by the very conservative Hawaii Right to Life group. I’m sure he’s proud of that, but opposing civil rights and a woman’s right to choose just doesn’t sit well with me.

Gary’s endorsements cover the gamut. That says a lot about the broad spectrum of support he’s given and received over the years – the hotel and hospital workers’ union (Local 5), Hawaii Nurses Association, the Progressive Democrats, the GLBT Caucus of the Democratic Party, and the Hawaii Chiropractic Association all support Gary, along with the Hawaii State Teachers Association, like I already mentioned.

Did you know that Gary authored the nation’s first solar mandate law? For that reason, among many others, he’s been endorsed by the Hawaii Sierra Club too.

Like I said, Gary’s run for Lt. Governor has been supported by a broad range of groups – not just unions – and to me, that shows how broadly he has supported all of us over the years.

Finally, there’s the fact that Gary’s from Kauai, and for years has been bringing his Neighbor Island perspective to us in Honolulu . You and I both know how often the Neighbor Islands are overlooked. I don’t think that’s intentional on anyone’s part; I just think that since most people in Hawaii live here on O’ahu, they mostly just think of O’ahu when it comes to making decisions on behalf of Hawaii ’s people. But in the long run, the whole state suffers.

And it’s a fact – no matter who becomes our next Governor, it’s going to be somebody from Honolulu . I think we need neighbor island balance that’s been lacking for a long time.

So for a lot of reasons, I believe, heart and soul, that we need Gary Hooser to be our next Lieutenant Governor!

Best wishes, Gene, and don’t forget to vote this coming Saturday. Call me up if you need a ride to the polls, okay?


Gary L. Hooser
Candidate for Hawaii Lieutenant Governor

Our pathway to success: Your help TODAY will make it happen


It is critical that I let you know why we remain confident of our campaign’s “pathway to success” and victory on September 18th despite early polls that did not show me as the front-runner.

Our base tells us that we can and will:

1) Win solidly on the neighbor-islands.
I am the only major candidate from the neighbor-islands and have a solid base on Kauai. Recent polls indicate that I am the strongest neighbor-island candidate.

2) Win solidly the core active liberal/progressive Democratic vote statewide. My track record and endorsement by Progressive Democrats of Hawaii and Americans for Democratic Action support this expectation

3) Win solidly the green, sustainability and energy independence vote statewide. My endorsement by the Sierra Club, personal support by statewide environmental/energy advocates and legislative record support this outcome.

4) Win solidly the GLBT vote statewide.
The endorsement by various GLBT groups and my acknowledged leadership in openly advocating equality for all support this outcome

5) Win a strong majority of votes from teachers and their families statewide.
The endorsement of the Hawaii State Teachers Association supports this outcome. Teachers are actively phone banking and sign-holding in support of our campaign.

6) Do well on Oahu in the general population with the votes of the remaining Oahu Democratic candidates effectively splitting up the Oahu vote.
The endorsement of Local 5 hotel workers, the Hawaii Nurses Association and others will strongly contribute to this outcome

7) Raise and spend the funds needed to get the message out strongly.
We have raised and spent approximately $300,000 on the campaign to date. We are being supported by over 1,000 individual contributors, dwarfing that of all other LG candidates and clearly showing strong grass-roots support.

We are only 30 contributors short of reaching the $50,000 minimum threshold to begin obtaining State matching funds up to $85,000. Three strong television advertisements have been produced and have begun airing statewide.

This is our pathway to success. But we still need to find 30 people to contribute $100 to our campaign today in order to meet the critical minimum thresh-hold needed to make this happen.

Congresswoman Mazie Hirono won her “crowded primary” four years ago with less than 21% of the vote. Recent polls show approximately 50% of voters are either undecided or uninformed about the candidates.

We can win but we need your help today. Please join us and be one of the 30 people we need to contribute $100 online today or tell a friend why they should support Hooser for Lieutenant Governor.

Sincerely, gh
Gary Hooser

Contributions may be made online at or for those who prefer to send checks, they can be mailed to Friends of Gary Hooser, P.O. Box 4094, Honolulu HI 96812.

LG Campaign - The next 12 hours are critical

Aloha Friends,

Asking for help has never been easy for me. Many of you have already offered generous support and I thank you for that, and regret that I must ask you again.

The next 12 hours of the campaign are critical if we are be successful and win on September 18. As Hawaii's Lieutenant Governor, I will be a strong advocate and leader for progressive values and a green sustainable future.

Today September 1 is a key deadline for the campaign and we are still short approximately 40 to 50 people contributing $100 per person in order to meet the all important threshold amount and receive matching funds from the State.

Smaller amounts are welcome, add up, and will be matched also but our target need is a $100 contribution. When we accomplish this, the State will provide our campaign with $50,000 in matching funds. When this happens we can make our last, final and critically important advertising push.

For the next 12 hours our urgent need is $100 or less amounts from individuals who have not yet given in 2010 (each spouse may contribute separately, joint checking accounts are acceptable but checks must be written and signed separately).

Contributions may be made securely via credit card online at or mailed to Friends of Gary Hooser, P.O. Box 4094, Honolulu Hawaii 96812. Checks must be mailed today if the funds are to help meet this critical goal. If you choose regular mail, please send us an email notification of its mailing so we can register the contribution.

We must accomplish this fund-raising goal within 12 hours or no later than midnight tonight September 1 if we are to be able to fund our television advertising, get our message out strong and win on September 18th.

We can change Hawaii's future for the better, but we must push very hard now to do so.

Everything else is in place to win, but must reach this fund-raising goal to do so.

Mahalo for your help and support and for helping us make this final push. Imua! gh

Gary Hooser
Former Hawaii State Senator
Candidate Lieutenant Governor